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Purple Skull Management was born out of hours and hours of script coverage. Today, Angie Crawford reps feature, television and new media writers as well as directors.

In addition to being a literary manager, Angie is also an actor, writer and producer. She has created the new media projects MR. MOUSE, PRIVATE EYE and THE KINDA, SORTA LATE SHOW. These programs can be found on the Purple Skull Entertainment YouTube channel.

Purple Skull Management is based in Santa Monica, California and is a part of Purple Skull Entertainment.

Purple Skull Management clients cover a wide range of genres in film, television and new media.

Simone Bartesaghi - Simone takes you on a ride with his thriller and comedy / action pieces. He works in the big, medium and small screens and is an award-winning director. You can find out more about him at http://sibamedia.wix.com/directing.

Skyler Caleb - Skyler mixes it up with fantasy, comedy, thriller and drama for the big screen.

Sheree Groves - Sheree takes you to another world with her psychological and supernatural thrillers for both the big and medium screens.

Sanford Holsapple - Sanford dives into character pieces and specializes in taking you to another place and time to tell his stories. He focuses on features.

Bill Lundy - Bill creates cool sci-fi projects and fun comedies for both the big and medium screens.

James Moorer - James tells it like it is on the big and medium screens. His dark TV dramas and thrilling features give you a no-holds-barred view of life on the edge.

Daniel J. Pico - Daniel rocks out thriller stories for the big screen. His projects veer off the mainstream, and he enjoys making you feel uncomfortable. He’s also a director. You can find out more about him at https://danieljpico.com/about.

Diana Romero - Diana makes it happen in both features and television. Her projects discuss social issues. You can find out more about her at http://www.dreamfilm.org/about.html .

Edward Santiago - Edward is your one stop, family entertainment kind of guy. Whether features or television, the whole gang will enjoy his work.

Scott Sorensen - Scott gives you the heebie-jeebies with his horror features. He also makes you laugh with his quirky comedies, which are also for the big screen. He currently co-writes the new media project, THE KINDA, SORTA LATE SHOW, which can be found on the Purple Skull Entertainment YouTube channel.

Angie may be reached at

For management consideration, please email:

  • 1. Title of the script
  • 2. Logline
  • 3. Whether it’s a feature or television project
  • 4. Genre
  • 5. Comparable projects, i.e., “This” meets “That”
  • 6. Name of the protagonist and why this character can lead a feature or sustain a television series

Please do not send a synopsis or script until requested.

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